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End of Life Care (Palliative Care)

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The Encounter Group (Encounter-Live-in- Care Specialists) limited, we know that given a choice many individuals would prefer to die at home, however for many people and their families the fear, emotional hurdles and practicalities of caring for someone at this stage of life can be challenging. Reflecting on this, we have put together a team of dedicated palliative care team and a service to support clients and their loved ones at home.

The palliative care team at The Encounter Group (Encounter-Live-in- Care Specialists) Limited recognises that due to medical advances, people with serious illnesses are often living in poorly conditions for longer. Ensuring dignity, compassion and respect in these circumstances is a priority in the care we provide.

Our ethos at The Encounter Group (Encounter-Live-in- Care Specialists) limited is to provide the highest quality care and support possible, to mirror that of the highly respected hospice movement. This service has been designed to complement other palliative care teams and hospices often involved in the person’s end-of-life care.

End of Life Care (Palliative Care)

  • Support 24-hour care, enabling freedom of choice and flexibility
  • The Encounter Group (Encounter-Live-in- Care Specialists) Limited, team work in partnership with community palliative care teams, other specialists from the multidisciplinary team as well as family and friends
  • With over a decade of experience we aspire to add days to life and enable clients and their families to fulfil their choices for example Hannah Clemence took on an assignment for a client who was given less than a week to live. With so much love and good care, the lady ended up living for 6 weeks allowing family member living abroad to come and say their good-byes
  • As part of the training our team members learn and discuss differing cultural needs of clients and practice at end of life
  • We pride ourselves on offering people the highest quality care and support possible; we make this vision a reality by employing the best people, providing them with the best support and training and by adopting a team approach to the provision of services
  • Our highly committed team have a passion for making a difference to the lives of the people we support – alongside our robust induction training our team also complete our specialist End of Life Care training and are continuously mentored and supported.

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