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Learning Disabilities and Physical Disabilities

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Learning Disabilities and Physical Disabilities

People with learning difficulties and physical disabilities can lead full and rewarding lives, but to do so, they usually need support with some aspects of daily life, such as their everyday personal needs, or in dealing with domestic matters. Our Services for those with learning and physical disabilities ensure that we are able to provide comprehensive, personalised home care for individuals who face such challenges.

Our approach to caring for individuals with learning disabilities and physical disabilities focuses on each person’s abilities and interests, encouraging self-expression, creativity and engagement with the wider community. We provide creative support and lifestyle options empowering people to be in control of their own lives and lead a life they choose to live.

The home care services that The Encounter Group (Encounter Live-in-Care Specialists) Limited provide for people with learning difficulties and physical disabilities are planned specially for each individual, and we take full account of their personal requirements, age and circumstances.

We create a care plan by first talking to our clients and also to any other key people involved in their life, such as family members and healthcare professionals.

Learning Disabilities and Physical Disabilities

The kind of support we typically provide includes:

  • Assistance with light domestic duties
  • Assistance with washing and dressing
  • Friendship, reassurance and companionship
  • Practical help in managing bills and medicines
  • Assisting to participate in activities that enable social inclusion
  • Assisting with shopping or to meetings with friends
  • Assisting with contributing to, and being part of, the community
  • Assisting with participating in leisure and sports activities.

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